A late, late… Late night rant, for “you”

Life isn’t supposed to be a melodrama. It’s supposed to be a rom-com!

Just cuz some random shit dude said ‘life has it’s ups and downs’ doesn’t mean we need to make a down if life is going too high. You can try level best to do everything in your control to keep it as high as possible no matter what. And if it falls, out of control… Reason. Keep ur head up high. And think how that low could be a high… And start rising again. Don’t drown in self pity… like no one cares about you… ‘Cuz what you often fail to understand is they care about you and love you as much or maybe more than you do them. So before you go blaming people and asking why things played out like they did , try to look at the world from the others point of view.

Stop being stupidly stubborn and not care about everyone else. Give them a chance to reason themselves out, and ,then reason yourself out. Listen. Don’t interrupt. Understand why they say what they say. Stop jumping to conclusions. Give them the benefit of doubt. ‘Cuz if ever you were put into a situation like that, you might have acted the same way.

Try understanding the other person. Speak to them. Don’t walk away angry or upset. Talk about “why”? Cuz most often misunderstandings can be sorted out. So don’t take it too far. Try to end grudges by talking them out as soon as possible, And not drag them on forever…. Up until you only remember that ‘your upset’ but not ‘about what’… The “what” might have been something really silly that could have been sorted out, but now your just left with the bitterness and it can no longer go back to what it was before….

Do you want that to happen?
Do you want to no longer go Back to happiness and laughter?
I don’t know….

No one should be that much of a sadist, but if so… so be it… That’s wrong , and that we’ll talk about another day.

But most of us wouldn’t, (I know you that well to say)… So better talk out your problems. Don’t mince words. Don’t blame people. The only person you can talk for is yourself… Cuz you only know how ‘You’ feel in a certain situation, STOP assuming what the others felt and what they might have meant when they said what they did.

Take things at their face value. Stop trying to come up with something to show us how probably the whole world is scheming against you and doesn’t care. No. That’s not true at all. So talk about yourself and ask about the other, don’t assume. Keep it simple. Talk genuinely and don’t act fake in front of those who love you. You don’t have to.

Don’t say things you don’t mean. Cuz taking the words back is impossible, and those words may go a long way sometimes ripping through them, when they can’t handle the pain or heal back to how it was before…. Cuz a paper once crumpled and torn can’t go back to how it used to be.

What’s the point of fights and ‘downs’ when all u have is a small-little bit of time of this entire universe when we are on it…. so let’s make the most of it and keep smiling, and talk out our fights, stay together, stay in love…. And not ruin it just because of some random shit quote….

U were born to be happy. To thrive. Don’t ever think otherwise.

Let’s rewrite the quote…. “Make ur life, and fill it with the ups, if something pushes you down, so what? , Get up and keep moving that way” ….




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