What’s mine, isn’t ALWAYS “yours”…

Just because I let you to be my main… Doesn’t mean you take that for granted. Sometimes something or someone is mine… Just mine. Not like you don’t know that.. And you very well know I’m over possessive of ‘him’. ‘He: is mine, and you can’t have ‘him’ all for yourself.

I do so many things for you. Things you don’t know I have a hand in. It feels nice to see you smile… To see you happy… To see good that happens to you, Don’t you feel the same way?
Then why don’t you think of me, when your taking something that mine, something like ‘him’, from me ?

I feel I need to explain to you, why I feel what I feel… I have you taken away from me already, and you were the only thing I was *that* possessive about. I’m trying to move on, to allow you to be someone else’s (too?)… Trying to divert my attention into something else, and fall for ‘him’ at least a little bit, to fill a part of the void I feel by your absence… Why are you making this even harder for me?

Its not so much of a pain, but a powerful Sting… A sting of nostalgia… Of the times when we were different. We didn’t need to explain ourselves like this. Cuz it was a time we did everything keeping each other on mind.

Now, Don’t get me wrong. I love where we are in life right now, and I’m old enough (and experienced too ) to know life never stays constant. I don’t doubt your love to me, and I know your priorities have changed (And I also know I’m still one of them, I think 😉 ). So you *need* to allow me to urge you to see the side if things from my end. Sometimes just let me be possessive if what’s mine. Possessive of Of ‘him’.

‘He’ is my way of coping with this… This change in our (well, my) life. So let me be, and I shall grow.

I’ve said enough… And I shall let us be… Give us the time to fit into place. And I know we’ll fall into it perfectly.
Irrespective, You’ll be mine forever, and I promise you I’ll be there for you always.



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