I’m Destini… :)

This is my space… a space to share with the world (okay, to whoever reads this… 😉 ) some excerpts from my mind that is always raging with at least 20 parallel thoughts at once.

They may be rants, or random splurges of (in)coherent emotion… so read on if you want to… and empathize with what we all go through at some point in life (or not)…. 

Well, I started this blog, (Thanks to.. I guess :P) a really close friend… who encourages me to share what I write to the world (again, read above).. ‘Cuz probably she couldn’t handle reading all the random Ishh I send her from time to time. 😛 … So well, she came all the way over and made me type this!! 😉

Anyways, welcome to my first blog post… So here you start your journey with me! 🙂

I would love to hear from you. feel free to comment and connect. Haters please keep away. 😛

You make your own fate and hence I decide my own, or so I think… So, I decide my future, and hence I,  Destini will decide! 🙂 


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